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Chill Pill Pack

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A pack containing three brand new BongBastic THC cleaners: experience the full spectrum of weedy effects while making your Bong spic and span. - Tritium: cleans with energy and power. Hits in fast and wears off quickly. Perfect for those moments when every minute counts ! - Deuterium: smooth and relaxed cleaning guaranteed. - Protium: with Protium your bongs and pipes will be clean like a dream.


The bong has to be empty for at least 4 hours. 1 pill - For bongs of people that hardly smoke, so not dirty at all. 2 pills - For bongs of people that smoke regularly, or medium dirty bongs. 3 pills - For bongs of people that smoke all the time, or very dirty bongs. 4 pills - Not advisable, this is not good for your bong, buy a new bong. When in doubt, we suggest you always use 1 pill to see the effect. If it is not clean enough, then you know the next time you can clean with 2 pills. Later on, if after one hour your bong is still not clean, you can add one pill. [Not for Human consumption]

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